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Smart Home

Smart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that uses a home controller to integrate the residence’s various home automation systems.

Smart Home

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Audio, video (with MediaManifold), HVAC, shades, skylights, spa, security system with intercom, 166 lighting loads controlled by our new Cameo keypads, 6 miles of wiring for network integration, automatic e-mail alerts, energy monitoring and management.

At Westfair TV, we can help you take control of all aspects of your home with simplicity and ease. Whether it be lighting, security, temperature control, audio/video, or anything you can dream of, we can automate it.

Based largely on our customer feedback and years of development, our proprietary control interfaces are the secret to our success. Full control demo’s are available in our state-of-the-art showroom or our new “Smart Home”.


Lighting control was driven through a Crestron system. This enables the homeowner to remotely monitor the lights and allows ease of use when at home. ‘All off’, ‘All On’, ‘Dimmable’ or ‘Scenes’ for special occasions – all at the touch of a button.


Radiant heat, forced hydro air, and the indoor temperature are easy to monitor and control in this home. Our programmers automated the HVAC system so that it would set at optimal levels for comfort and energy savings.

Security System Integration

Security was a simple three step functionality request: away, home and panic.

Control Panels

Wall-mounted touchpads can be placed throughout the home. In the media room, a 10.4″ wireless touchpad was installed with full one-touch usability for all house systems and Internet access.

The main touchpad is a 10.4″ wall-mounted unit with floor plans that allows complete monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, security, audio and video.

The Results

A Westfair Smart Home delivers a complete home automation solution that provides our client with the ultimate in modern luxury and home entertainment. We integrated the varied systems so that they could be managed via easy-to-use control panels conveniently throughout the house.

The system provides the client with instant access to entertainment, lighting and climate control systems to create the mood and environment they desire.

Our meticulous attention to design detail means our client can focus less on technology, and more on simply enjoying the experience.

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